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Theodore Georgedakis

Theodoris started dancing tango in 2004, while his teaching career began in  2009, with the milestone of the co-founding of the TANGart school in Athens in 2011.  


His love for tango is the driving force and basis for their teaching by approaching tango at its core, that is, in the dance communication between two people who coexist in a hug.

A tango improvisation in the quarantine
original music written by Pantelis Ravdas and arranged by Angelos Angeloy
filmed and edited by Christos Tolis (Sub.Urban Images and Soundscapes)
camera assistant: Spiridon Kotsiopoulos

Thodoris & Ioanna,
Excerpt from the show "Salt of the Earth" on ERT

Dancing in Buenos Aires @ Milonga Mandrilera 

Paper Moon | Manos Chatzidakis | Solo Bandoneon Version

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