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What are the advantages of private lessons

Based on
your Program

The private lessons are perfectly adapted to the dance level of the interested student. 

Shaped with
based on your Needs

By taking private lessons one has the opportunity to shape the lesson to one's needs.  

So if you have gaps, the lesson will be implemented slowly while if you assimilate the material faster,

then the lesson will accelerate.

The difficult things become easy.

These lessons are ideal for people who face difficulties in their development. The teacher will focus on the student's difficulties.

"You have my attention"

The main advantage of private lessons is that the student is alone.


This means that the teacher focuses on him alone.

You will feel Comfortable

The private lesson helps the student to feel more comfortable during the lesson since he will be with his teacher.

Is it worth it?

There are many who think that private lessons are quite expensive and they can not afford them.  

In the long run, private lessons are more economical, as the student achieves his goal in a shorter period of time.

Do you want to start?

Fill in the participation form by choosing the teacher that suits you best .

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