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Evelina Sarantopoulou


Her contact with Argentine tango in 2004 really changed her life.


Having already over 15 years of experience with other dances (classical ballet, character, jazz, modern, Spanish folklore, Latin) he immediately felt the magic in the joint movement of the couple.


In 2011, in collaboration with Thodoris Georgedakis, they founded Tangart which soon became one of the most important schools in Greece.  

In Evelina's eyes, tango suits those who like challenges as it has the unrivaled charm of a bet that makes you tremble with excitement.


Dancing and the fermentation of emotions between the couple win you over immediately.

In her teaching the social character of tango is a priority.

Dancers need to be able to have fun regardless of their different dance styles.


Studying the course and evolution of tango and taking elements from both the old school and its new version, he chooses to offer students a variety of solutions and tools that will allow them to share unique moments easily in each dance embrace.


Through her lessons the dancers discover a simple but very effective way to tango, a system of mechanisms and actions that develops the couple's multifaceted connection and builds solid movement, skills required for musicality, interpretation, and the sweet feeling in hug.

Evelina Sarantopoulou and Panagiotis Triantafyllou dance “El torito” by La Tubatango at the 6th A Los Amigos Tango Festival 2018 in Rethymno, Greece.


The special didactic structure that follows was loved in Greece and abroad

through TangOn Focus thematic workshops.

She has taught and danced in events in Greece and in Europe, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan  accompanying recognized dancers such as:

the Argentine Ezequiel “El Cacha” Merlo,

the Turks Hakan Ayakli and Ozan Firat,

and the Greeks Panagiotis Triantafyllou, Panos Nikoletos

and Thodoris Georgedakis

Teaching Structure & TangOn Focus

Panagiotis Triantafillou & Evelina Sarantopoulou | 3rd Chios Tango Encuentro


Indicative Participations:

Τango Festival Illuminations (Nice, France), Roma Tango Marathon (Italy), Unconventional Tango Weekend (Bari, Italy), Thessaloniki Tango Marathon (Greece), Athens Tango Weekend (Greece),

Patras Tango Fiesta (Greece),

Tango Eventi Milongas (Rome, Italy),

8th Athens Tango Festival (Syntagma Athens Greece),

1st & 2nd Cyprus Tango Meeting,

Patra seminars (Greece Nov and March 17), Izmir tango workshops (Turkey March 18), 2nd Tango Unchained Festival (Athens Greece May18),

Almaty seminars (Kazakhstan June 18),

Club 120 tango weekend (Astana Kazakhstan July 18),

Tango of Liberty Holidays in Zaporozhye (Ukraine Aug '18),

6th A Los Amigos Tango Festival (Crete Greece Aug 18),

Dance wave tango weekend (Nicosia Cyprus Sept 18),

Antalya Tango Camp (Turkey Oct18), Alexandroupoli tango meeting (Greece Nov18),

Naples seminars (Italy Dec18),

Cyprus Tango Tour (Paphos, Nicosia, Limassol Jan 19), Florina seminars (Feb 19), Kozani / Alexandroupoli seminars (March 19), Sofia Greek Tango Weekend (Bulgary March19), Preveza tango weekend (Greece April 19), Larissa Tango Weekend (May19), 3rd Chios Tango Encuentro (Greece May 19), Remolina tango weekend (Limassol Cyprus July '19)

Accompanying the orchestras:
TangartO (Athens '13), Sexteto Andiamo (Alexandroupoli Nov '18), OrquestaSocial Del Tango (Madrid Jan 18), El cachivache quinteto (Athens May 18), Solo Tango Orquesta (Chios May '19) and the unique Guillermo Fernandez April '18)

Evelina Sarantopoulou and Panagiotis Triantafyllou dance “Te aconsejo que me olvides” by Aníbal Troilo, sung by Francisco Fiorentino, at the 6th A Los Amigos Tango Festival 2018 in Rethymno, Greece.

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