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11th Athens Tango Marathon
4-6 of November 2022


Athens Tango Marathon is organised with a lot of  “meraki”


"Meraki" is a Greek word for doing something with love, passion & your full soul.

Our meraki is the heartbeat of Athens Tango Marathon.


Athens is a European historical city and a great Tango Destination, famous for the advanced level of tango dancers!


Athens Tango Marathon is made by tango passionates for tango passionates  who want to dance with great partners, in an homey tango-venue, with well-selected tandas by international star djs.

As always, we try to keep high-level standards with a dream team of amazing DJs.


Athens Tango Marathon is the oldest tango event in Greece and is considered as one of the best organized international tango marathons in Europe.

You are welcome to discover why!


A well-experienced line up of TDJs, many dancers from all over the world and special guests will be among us just to make this marathon dreamy. 


Meet the well known Greek culture and hospitality!


Be part of our wonderful Athens Tango Marathon, where everyone dances with everyone!


Enjoy a lot of priceless fun and much more!


Do not lose time, register yourself, make the best of the early-bird prices and book your flight ticket now!


See you on the dance floor! 


Let's share tango with love and respect!


Organized with love & respect by TANGart, reflections of tango since 2011

MARATON1 (1).jpg


Ivon Carolina, born in Argentina, raised in Greece, has been involved in Tango for over 15 years.


She started Djing in the Athenian local Milongas 10 years ago and she continues sharing her Tandas in various cities of Greece and abroad, until today - in local Milongas, as well as in Festivals and Marathons.


Her choices are from the golden age of Tang and she always relies on improvisation by "reading" the dancers and the energy of the dance floor.


"Α Bailar se ha dicho... !!"

MARATON1 (2).jpg


Aurora lives in Turin.


She met tango in 1996 and she started to musicalize and organize evenings and events in many places in the city.


She is a resident DJ in several milongas, where she also takes care of the artistic programming, inviting dancers, DJs and orchestras from all over the world.


She promotes several projects, including Circus Tango and the Tangofonia festival.


She is invited to festivals, marathons, events in many cities both in Italy and abroad.

MARATON1 (3).jpg


Gianpio Cappucci starts his experience as a Tdj in 2013 in several Buenos Aires’ Milongas of Buenos Aires, where he has lived for 10 years.

Since 2016 he lives in Krakow, Poland, playing constantly all over the country.

His favorite orchestra ever??

Aníbal Troilo!!

Djs make the energy flow  in the Milonga.

"I feel responsible to build a bridge between me and the crowd on the dance floor and establish a communication which is extremely important in order to feel all kind of vibes we are able to create."

He goes mostly traditional and he loves tandas from the Golden Age of Tango (1939-1946). In fact, 80% of his selection consists of tandas belonging to that period.

Tandas from the 30s and the 50s are also part of the selection, leading to a complete, harmonious and dynamic musical outcome.

MARATON1 (4).jpg


Calliope Peratinou started her tango journey in 2005.


Since 2009 she has lived, danced, taught and Djed for tango in Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Timisoara, Kolasin, Sarajevo, Skopje and (now) Athens.


She defines herself as a social dancer first of all and, when Djing, she likes to keep balance of the flow through rhythm and emotion.


Expect traditional, classic tandas aiming to inspire your embracing art.

MARATON1 (5).jpg


Born and raised in Athens, in 2016, at the age of 18, she met tango for the first time, almost by chance, but now it has ended up being an integral part of her life.


"The importance of the "embrace" and the exchange of emotions through it, were some of the key elements that made me love tango and realize that it is more than just another dance."


Triggered by a series of musicality seminars, she began to explore tango music more deeply, discovering its huge importance and, at the same time, wanting to share it with others.


So now she is appearing as a TDj playing music mainly from the "Golden Age", choosing songs mostly based on their content and lyrics in order to evoke emotions in people and motivate them to embrace and dance.



Individual Participation  € 100

Couple  € 170


Prices include snacks and refreshments during the milongas


During the marathon the bar will be open to serve you with a wide variety of wines from around the world, spirits and beers.


All prices include 24% VAT & taxes



All activities of the Athens Tango Marathon will take place at TANGart.

The main space has a large wooden floor and two more additional rooms, total 270sqm.

It is located in the center of Athens (near the Acropolis).


Approach by Metro 

(red line, Acropolis or Syggrou Fix station),

TRAM (Vouliagmeni Station) and with a number of buses and trolleybuses.


The address is Nakou 4, Athens, 11743, ground floor.



Image by Marco Montero Pisani


The venue for the marathon (TANGart) is located in one of the most central parts of Athens (very close to the Acropolis) and is easily accessible by metro.

(red line, Acropolis or Syggrou Fix station).

You can easily find a hotel or Airbnb next to a metro station starting at € 20 per night.


Take a look at   &  



Friday 04 November

Start of Marathon

start time 22.00 (evening milonga)

Saturday 05 November

Afternoon Milonga 14: 00-18: 00

Evening Milonga  ​starting time 22.00

Sunday 06 November

Afternoon Milonga 14: 00-18: 00

Milonga Evening ​ start time 21.00


Frequent questions

What is a Tango Marathon?

This is exactly what the phrase describes.

A weekend full of quality tango.

What is the difference between a marathon and a festival?

Marathons do not have performances or courses / seminars.
They have a limit on the number of people and have a balance between the number of roles: 50% leaders, 50% followers.

Who is it for?

Tango Marathons are for experienced dancers who want to dance tango with people from other communities.

There is a limited number of people, so there is more space for dancing, while the dancers are from many countries and of a high quality standard.

About Athens Tango Marathon & Participants:

- The number of participants is limited to 150
- The Marathon will be balanced between 50leaders / 50 followers roles.
- A Welcome Program and information will be in the Registration Desk
- Snacks and soft drinks are free during the Marathon
- A professional photographer will be among us during the Marathon
- Online registration is required!
- In case of cancellation the participation is not refundable.

"Photo-moments" from previous Athens Tango Marathons