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TANGart was one  dream come true.  

It was created in 2010 and its official operation began in April 2011. 
Today, after small and steady steps, it is  one of the dynamic schools of Argentine Tango, maintaining its human dimension.  

TANGart is many things at once and definitely much more than a conventional dance school. 
It is a welcoming home. Teachers and students, a group, a company, a company of people.

Tango is a social dance and at TANGart we believe that teaching tango is more than just steps and movements.  


The hug, the coexistence, the essential communication, the expressiveness and many more, that one discovers through tango, help directly and indirectly in one's self-improvement, on a physical, mental and spiritual level. 

After all, tango was created through the need to express the emotions that every person experiences in the course of his life. 

At TANGart we believe that tango connects the body with a person's emotional and logical world, with the goal of harmony and our teaching is based on it.
We shape in their unconscious body, the expression of emotions, looking for their joint expression in the melodies of music and its poetry.
Tango is a versatile set of stimuli that in its own unique way sets the emotion in motion. 
The dance steps of tango are like words. What two people who embrace and dance will say with these words, is their own, personal, unique, history and experience.

We have seen people develop both in dance and as people, as characters, as personalities. And that was and is our greatest reward. This is how we become, something more.  

TANGart, a hug.


You; Do you have time for a hug?


If so, we are waiting for you.

Our names are:

Evelina, Alejandro, Marisol, Ioanna and  Theodore

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