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Theodore & Ioanna


Theodoris started dancing tango in 2004, while his teaching career began in  2009, with the milestone of the co-founding of the TANGart school in Athens in 2011.  

Ioanna, after a ten-year tenure in classical dance, met tango in 2010.  


Together  have been working together professionally since 2015, while they are a couple in life since 2012.


They are already unfolding their action by presenting their work in Greece and abroad with multiple participations in 
a. Argentine Tango festival around the world 
b. in multiple artistic projects (theater, cinema, music)
c. and specialized psychology seminars in collaboration with specialized psychotherapists.

Theodoris and Ioanna are two simple people whose tango has touched them primarily on a human level for what it represents.

Their love for tango is the driving force and basis for their teaching by approaching tango at its core, that is, in the dance communication between two people who coexist in a hug.

A tango improvisation in the quarantine
original music written by Pantelis Ravdas and arranged by Angelos Angeloy
filmed and edited by Christos Tolis (Sub.Urban Images and Soundscapes)
camera assistant: Spiridon Kotsiopoulos

They love tango because it can express the infinite moods of the human soul.


It does not enclose the body in detached shapes, instead it offers unique tools of expression and communication that two people share together to "talk" to each other.

They believe that as the relationship of a couple in life matures, evolving uninterruptedly, so the dancing relationship of two people in one embrace is in constant dynamic evolution, transformation and leads to the progress of mutual understanding and expression.

Filtering their work through respect for the first tango dancers, everyday people of Argentina of the last century, they seek the constant mixing and renewal of the pacemaker and the quality of movement, aiming at a rich, expressively solid result, having as its core a diverse tango music and the value of a hug and a touch.

Always dancing improvised, they ensure that each of their presentations is different, therefore unique.

They try to approach the personality of each student and, adapting to his strengths and weaknesses, to transform him into a dancer capable of fruitful dialogue in the arms of tango, so that he can draw and give pleasure from his first steps.


Thodoris & Ioanna,
Excerpt from the show "Salt of the Earth" on ERT


In 2018, Thodoris and Ioanna form the TANGOLĺSTICO curriculum , as the culmination of their experience in spreading Argentine Tango.

The TANGOLĺSTICO concepto del principio al fin which means "from beginning to end" is an idea of how, in their opinion, Argentine Tango should be taught.

TANGOLĺSTICO aims to train dancers capable of meaningful communication and co-expression by helping them to evolve and develop their own dancing personality. 

From social dance to the most imaginative step-by-step ventures, tango provides us with tools that are transmitted and used in artistic creation.

TANGOLĺSTICO includes: 
   Fixed Weekly Group Courses for Advanced, Intermediate, Beginners and New Beginners with zero experience.
   An additional optional seminar series with original ideas for the music, kinesiological and interpretive approach of tango. 
   Tango Bodywork, a program of pure body training with emphasis on strengthening points of the body where tango is over-used. This program is delivered  in small classes and in collaboration with an experienced personal trainer.
   Private lessons, individually or in pairs of students, from each of us individually or from both together.
   Online group music seminars and learning Spanish through Tango lyrics. Both seminars are unique since nothing similar is taught in Greece. 

Dancing in Buenos Aires @ Milonga Mandrilera 

Paper Moon | Manos Chatzidakis | Solo Bandoneon Version

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